Something ugly this way comes
Through my fingers sliding inside
All these blessings all these burns
I'm godless underneath your cover
Search for pleasure search for pain
In this world now I am undying
I unfurl my flag my nation helpless
As I begin to lose my grip
On these realities your sending
I'm naked underneath your cover
Covers lie and we will bend and borrow
With the coming sign
The tide will take the sea will rise and time will rape

Black black heart why would you offer more...
Why would you make it easier on me to satisfy

I'm on fire!
I'm rotting to the core
I'm eating all your kings and queens
All your sex
and your diamonds....

Spring is frozen now I'’m stuck in low
wrapped with wire, tapped to the heart
can’t find no poison, now i’ve got no cure 
 fangs are stuck inside my skin
payne county line
watching unjust claims
one man’s righteousness is another man’s
long haul, sentence carried out
long haul, counting the miles
to the four corners of the world
spring is rusted shut, (faith’s) coiled and cracked
apparitions worth their weight in gold
scratched in metal, name erodes away
hands are scarred, heart is charred
burnt though, and ashen
trip on fence post line
sifting through the remains
one man’s close pursuit is another man’s
last chance, make it through the divide
last chance, suffer the weight or get buried by this
black heart, sweeping over the land
black heart, crawling its way
to the four corners of the world 

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