home sweet .+.

Spinning out, gracefully
Going nowhere, quickly
I'm older, day by day
But still going back to my childhood way

Round and round patiently
Getting lost by the guide
And I'm all worked up over nothing

Or disappear into the vacuum
Total neutrality
Where you can't lose nothing
But nothing can be gained

Let her know 


λύκε, λύκε! είσαι 'δω;

όταν ο λύκος δεν είναι εδώ
και βρίσκεις
τους βάζεις στο μανίκι
και προχωράς
κι το κρυφό χαμόγελο


It's all black
It's the colour of my heart
It's the colour of my eyes

But I'm here
Yes I'm here
Everybody seems to mean so much
Everybody seems to think I'm fine

It's too late
I am punishing myself
By admitting it's too late

You may laugh
You can laugh at me for days
You may spit me if you want

But I'm here
I'm still here
Everybody seems to mean so much
Everybody seems to think I'm fine

Look at me
There were more to see
There were more to be proud of..


the closing

όταν μου μιλάς

κι όταν δε μου μιλάς

και ψάχνω τα σημάδια
και πάλι όταν τα βρίσκω




 "αύριο", λες,
και μέσα σ' αυτήν τη μικρή αναβολή παραμονεύει ολόκληρο
το πελώριο ποτέ.

Τάσος Λειβαδίτης

ένα πελώριο γιατί
μου κρύβει τον ήλιο
ανεμοδείκτης το σκισμένο εισιτήριο στη τσέπη
σκιάζει το αύριο
το αύριο σου
δεν είναι πια δικό μου
το μικρό μου αύριο
το αύριο μου
δεν είναι πια δικό σου
το πελώριο σου αύριο
και εισιτήριο μαζί



3, 2, 1 fun!

I dance around this empty house
Tear us down, throw you out
Screaming down the halls
Spinning all around and now we fall

Pictures framing up the past
Your taunting smirk behind the glass
This museum full of ash
Once a tickle, now a rash

Echoes knocking on locked doors
All the laughter from before
I'd rather live out on the street
Than in this haunted memory

I've called the movers, called the maids
We'll try to exorcise this place
Drag my mattress to the yard
Crumble, tumble house of cards

This used to be a Funhouse
But now it's full of evil clowns
It's time to start the countdown
I'm gonna burn it down, down, down
I'm gonna burn it down

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fun !


weird wires

μια κουβέρτα και ένα φιλί
ένα βιβλίο
κι άλλο ένα
μια σκισμένη σελίδα με ένα τηλέφωνο
23 μέτρα καλώδιο πολλαπλής χρήσης
φωτογραφίες διακοπών
κολλημένες ξανά
κασέτες με αφιερώσεις
δυο τρια βινύλια χαραγμένα
ταξιδιωτικοί οδηγοί
κι άλλο ένα
καλώδιο αρκετό
πολλαπλής χρήσης


circling the square

Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind

Like a tunnel that you follow
To a tunnel of its own
Down a hollow to a cavern
Where the sun has never shone
Like a door that keeps revolving
In a half forgotten dream
Or the ripples from a pebble
Someone tosses in a stream.


(S)He Sleeps*


There's a piece of light
in this darkness
to lend me some peace.
Time calms everything:
the tempest and the calm.

I'll always keep;
the soft voice of the sea,
breathing again the rain that will fall
over my body and will wet
the flower that grows inside me,
and laughing again,
and every day, 
for an instant
thinking again of you


*summer slips away


burned eyes / as ice

I got a tortured mind
And my blade is sharp
A bad combination
In the dark

If I kill a man
In the first degree
Baby would you
Flee with me?

A sinister kid is a kid who
Runs to meet his Maker
A drop dead sprint from the day he's born
Straight into his Maker's arms
And that's me, that's me
The boy with the broken halo
That's me, that's me
The devil won't let me be




"I got a dirty mind
I got filthy ways
I'm tryna Bath my Ape in your Milky Way
I'm a legend, I'm irreverent
I be reverand
I be so fa-a-ar up, we don't give a f-f-f-f-ck
Welcome to the danger zone
Step into the fantasy
You are not invited to the otherside of sanity
they calling me an alien
A big headed astronaut"

"I know a bar out in Mars
Where they driving spaceships instead of cars
Cop a Prada spacesuit about the stars
Getting stupid ass straight out the jar
Pockets on Shrek, Rockets on deck
Tell me what's next, alien sex
I'ma disrobe you, than I'mma probe you
See I abducted you, so I tell ya what to do
I tell ya what to do..."