farewell, my L.

On my mind, on my mind, on my mind, on my mind
There's a thing that I can't explain
So I'm quiet, yes I'm quiet, very quiet, really quiet
Most of my time

Our communication
Is going down a lot
But it is really not my fault
You spoil it when you talk

Talking of life I'm not too keen,
Sometimes I face it sometimes I cry

You say I was a good friend,
And I have gone downhill,
Honestly, I don't know
If you were so to me
Can you understand me?

Can you hear me shout?
If you don't understand me
Leave me in my cloud

27th of December is arrived and I think it s Saturday
Greece is turning into white and it is cold
We don’t really care
I keep thinking of the way that we were met
Feels like it’s a fairy tale
Youre the princess the most beautiful I’ve seen
I am just a prince

I can make you play
I can make you smile
I can make you safe in my foolish arms
Youre my sweetest kiss
Youre my immortality
Youre my pretty world-world spins inside my little mind-little mind

Now we’re kissing and we’re saying to each other
Just a little “I do”
But the thing is what we really want to say
It cannot be said
And I promise I will never let that death
Take you from me anyway… oh…
I’ll throw us stars, stars, stars
To wish we’ll never die
You’re my brightest sun
You’re my crystal sea
You’re my loudest rhythm
Beats inside my heart
I will make you laugh
I will make you fly to the shiny skies
Where we’ll live in happiness.


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