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 Stars did fall
Thunder rolled
Bugs crawled back
In their holes 
The couple screamed 
But far too late 
Cause a jealous heart 
Did retaliate

 Well, he ran around
Late at night 
Holding hands
And making light
Of everything 
That came before 
But there she was 
Behind the door

The clock has ticked eleven and the place is clear
Reality is kicking in and so is my beerult
If a heart is made of money he's cleane
I don't make excuses when it's all my fad out my vault
feel a little wounded and it isn't fair
I smug as a robber that a cop can't catch
To sit inside a parlour and see him standing over there
As smug as a robber that a cop can't catch
The lipstick on his collar doesn't seem to match mine

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