The waiting room/ Waiting for Christmas

This time of year when it gets cold
I can't remember how it felt
To know you were the one to hold
Just to know you made sense
This time of year
Now I'm old
I know you were the one I told
"Life could never be this fun"
All the signs said you're the one
So this is Christmas
How pretty the lights are
How lonely the nights are
The loveliest winter
Sweet but, so bitter
I won't have you
No solace in my solitude
Now there's nothing here for you
Not a gift and not a card
Not a kind word from my heart
There's nothing in sharing
No hope in me singing
"Silent night, holy night"
When the nights are so silent
The nights are so silent
Now you've stopped trying
The wish list I'll stop writing
The wish won't come true
I won't have you

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