auto-suggestion for 1.1.11

This is not the end
This is not the beginning, 
Just a voice like a riot 
Rocking every revision 
But you listen to the tone 
And the violent rhythm 
Though the words sound steady 
Something emptys within em

Waiting for the end to come
Wishing I had strength to stand
This is not what I had planned
It's out of my control....

Flying at the speed of light
Thoughts were spinning in my head 
So many things were left unsaid 
It's hard to let you go... 

(Oh!) I know what it takes to move on,
I know how it feels to lie, 
All I wanna do 
Is trade this life for something new 
Holding on to what I haven't got 

Sitting in an empty room 
Trying to forget the past 
This was never meant to last, 
I wish it wasn't so... 

What was left when that fire was gone? 
I thought it felt right but that right was wrong 
All caught up in the eye of the storm 
And trying to figure out what it's like moving on 
And i don't even know what kind of things I've said 
My mouth kept moving and my mind went dead 
So, picking up the pieces, now where to begin? 
The hardest part of ending Is starting again!! 

We say Yeah! 
With fists flying up in the air 
Like we're holding onto something 
That's invisible there

'Cause we're living at the mercy of the pain and the fear until we dead it, Forget it, L.et it all disappear 
(Holding on to what i haven't got!)

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