Stories inside my mind

I’m leaving tonight
Going somewhere deep inside my mind
I close my eyes slowly
Flowin’ away slowly
And I know I wont be alright
It’s coming stronger to me
And I know nobody is out there
Lead the way
Lead the way
Show me the answers I need to know

What I’m gonna live for
What I’m gonna die for
Who you gonna fight for
I can’t answer that

Darling can you see something inside
Can't be denied it's the way that you feel
If you want it, you gotta try
Taking the best of the lesson you know

When the night has turned to dawn I will be gone
Where's the reason and the strength to carry on

Come back, I can see you far behind
Taking a chance and forgetting the reason

That I need you on my mind
Making the best of the season till now
Is there nothing in the world that takes the sound
For the more we can conceive the more we found

Darling can you feel it? I need your love
I need the way that you make me feel

Darling if you want it, you can be sure
Taking the best of the lesson you know

There so many in the stars watching the sky
And you know somehow that most of them will die

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